About ME

About ME

I’m Aksana, also known as 5Ksana, and I’m thrilled to share my passion as a Bitcoin Artist & Fashion designer.
Design has been my world for over 15 years, and I hold a diploma that further solidifies my commitment to this artistic journey.
I’ve been creating Bitcoin Physical Art since 2017

Group Exhibitions / Associations:

  • CoinFest, Manchester, UK, 2021
  • Lugano Plan ₿, Lugano, Switzerland, 2023
  • Bitcoin Atlantis, Funchal, Portugal 2024
  • Bitcoin FilmFest, Warsaw, Poland, 2024

To me, Bitcoin embodies the idea of absolute freedom, and I want to share that message with the world through my art.
 I must mention that one of my favorite ways to express my artistry is through the intricate art of embroidery. I find immense joy in creating beautiful pictures with the theme of Bitcoin using delicate and colorful threads. The process of embroidering allows me to add a unique touch to each piece, adding depth and texture that cannot be replicated by any other means.
Publication: Weaving Bitcoin into Art: The Unique Creations of 5Ksana https://loveisbitcoin.com/weaving-bitcoin-into-art-the-unique-creations-of-5ksana/

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