About 5Ksana

NFTartist, 🖐HANDcrafted wizard #bitcoinart, Fashion designer

❤❤❤Welcome everybody, who interested creativity and interested to decorate this world and to make him more beautiful!❤❤❤

My name is Aksana (5Ksana) – NFTartist, HANDcrafted wizard BITCOINART and Fashion designer.

I try to make my work beautiful and touch the hearts of people, what they would like to repeat or get for themselves, for decorating an apartment, for beloved kids, etc. I have a diploma in design. I have been working for over 15 years.

I would like to present to you the decor items I created. I have been creating exclusive items for several years. All products are created with love and bring positive emotions to both adults and children. All work is done by hand and made only from environmentally friendly materials.

Through my art, I will popularize Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is the idea of ​​absolute freedom!

NFTART&BITCOINART https://linktr.ee/5ksana

If you like my artworks related to cryptocurrencies and you want me to continue to do new artworks on the topic of “BITCOINART“, then you can donate some Bitcoin to me to buy material and tools so that I can continue to do artwork and promote my art – Bitcoin for people who do not yet know that Bitcoin is freedom:

Good creativity always needs some kind of support. Like, repost, order and leave tips – all this inspires the artist, gives him strength and makes him work with double diligence to smile.

❣ BTC&ETH donation: https://cointr.ee/5ksana

For questions about the purchase of my artwork, contact info@5ksana.art