About 5Ksana

NFTartist, 🖐HANDcrafted wizard #bitcoinart, Fashion designer
NFTartist, HANDcrafted wizard BITCOINART , Fashion designer

❤❤❤Welcome everybody, who interested creativity and interested to decorate this world and to make him more beautiful!❤❤❤

My name is Aksana (5Ksana) and I am a professional master of creating jewelry, elements of decor, production of clothes in individual orders in different techniques and much more. I try that my works were beautiful and touched hearts of people what they would be wanted to be repeated or got for themselves, for decoration of the apartment, for the beloved kids, etc. I have a degree in “Design” .In this area I am working more than 15 years.

I want to present you the items of decor, designed by me. I create exclusive things for several years. All items are designed with love and bring positive emotions, both to adults, and kids. All works are hand-made, and comprise only ecologically natural materials.

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In his artistic work, I use the art of rotating line.

The basis of my art is a line – a continuous sign that stretches from one point to another.

The rotating lines help define movement, direction and energy in my artwork.

My style is characterized by a curved line used to form abstract patterns such as spirals, circles, swirls and S-shapes, as well as to define a person’s facial features. Straight line and right angle are practically absent in both abstract and anthropomorphic types of artwork!

CryptoART is often confused with technical skill and craving for beauty, while only two criteria are important in it – ideas and emotions.

When creating my own unique style (rotating lines), I found inspiration in the lines on the fingerprint, which is unique as NFT

MY COLLECTION NFTS https://linktr.ee/5ksana

If you like my artworks related to cryptocurrencies and you want me to continue to do new artworks on the topic of “CryptoArt“, then you can donate some Ethereum to me to buy material and tools so that I can continue to do artwork and promote my art – Bitcoin for people who do not yet know that Bitcoin is freedom:

Good creativity always needs some kind of support. Like, repost, order and leave tips – all this inspires the artist, gives him strength and makes him work with double diligence to smile.

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For questions about the purchase of my artwork, contact info@5ksana.art