Condition: MINT 100%
HandMade by 5Ksana
Location: Poland
Delivery: International- Free.

“World of Bitcoin” is an exquisite and captivating artwork that seamlessly weaves together the realms of cryptocurrency and the cosmos in a stunning embroidery masterpiece. The piece draws viewers into a mesmerizing interplay of intricate details and cosmic wonder, evoking a sense of both financial revolution and boundless space exploration.

At the center of the artwork, a brilliantly designed Bitcoin symbol takes the form of a celestial orb, radiating a luminescent glow that mirrors the brilliance of distant stars. The threads used in the embroidery seem to possess an otherworldly quality, reflecting the brilliance of the cosmos itself.

Surrounding the #bitcoin symbol, a vibrant and dynamic depiction of the cosmos unfolds. Distant galaxies swirl and collide in a breathtaking display of cosmic majesty, with colorful nebulas and shimmering star clusters decorating the dark expanse. The artist masterfully captures the intricate beauty of space, evoking a sense of vastness and mystery that parallels the complexities of the digital financial world.

Amidst the cosmic dance, an explosion of creativity emerges, representing the disruptive nature of cryptocurrency and its transformative impact on traditional financial systems. The explosion symbolizes the revolutionary energy of Bitcoin, bursting forth with newfound possibilities, akin to the birth of stars in the universe.

In a stroke of artistic genius, the artist uses fine embroidery techniques to depict the journey of Bitcoin through the cosmos, following its trajectory like a shooting star leaving a trail of stardust in its wake. This celestial journey symbolizes the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin transcending borders and governments, traversing the vastness of space like a universal force.

As one gazes upon the artwork, a sense of awe and wonder takes hold, sparking the imagination to contemplate the profound connections between the digital world of cryptocurrency and the infinite expanse of the cosmos. “World of Bitcoin” serves as a powerful reminder of the boundless potential for innovation and exploration, both in the financial realm and beyond, leaving viewers inspired by the idea that, like stars in the universe, new possibilities are waiting to be discovered and harnessed.


-Threads DMC” New Colors ” Embroidery Floss Pack;
-DMC Gold Embroidery Hand Needles;
-Handmade decorative frame

Dimension:wide – 35 cm; height – 50 cm.


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