Bitcoin is the imprint of the soul as precise, as singular, as the fingerprint of a free person!

Bitcoin is like a fingerprint: no two are alike.

Collector receives: NFT + physical artwork
After purchase please send me e-mail :

Quantity: 1 pcs.

Condition: MINT 100%
HandMade by 5Ksana
Delivery: International – Free (EMS).

Technique: embroidery;

Material: fabric, czech beads, physical coin «Denarium 0 – 2 BTC 2015» (F0119);

Size: 42 x 33 cm, 16,5 inches x 12,9 inches

«And maybe, – the first woman has started talking, – soul of the person lives in his hands? Because all, what we do in peace, we do hands». (c) Ray Bradbury “Embroidery”.


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