Condition: MINT 100%
HandMade by 5Ksana
Location: Belarus
Delivery: International – Free (DHL).

Sailboat. Sailboats symbolize journey and adventure. They also are associated with being carried along by the “breath of life,” as its primary form of momentum is gained through the wind in its sails.

According to ancient Chinese art, a sailboat means success in business, luck, prosperity and wealth. Therefore, if you want to increase your material wealth, strengthen financial stability, then you can choose this talisman for your home or office.

Since the dawn of time,hand stitching with needle and thread has resulted in beautiful works of art-and I continue this tradition!There’s something deeply satisfying about stitching with your own two hands, and no matter how technology advances, freehand embroidery is here to stay!


-Threads DMC” New Colors ” Embroidery Floss Pack;
-DMC Gold Embroidery Hand Needles;
-Handmade decorative frame

Size: width 37 cm, height 48 cm., width 14,5 inch, height 18,9 inch.

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