Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 1
Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 2
Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 3
Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 4
Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 5
Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 6
Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 7
Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix» 8

Painting-Embroidery «Phoenix»

Since the dawn of time,hand stitching with needle and thread has resulted in beautiful works of art-and I continue this tradition!There’s something deeply satisfying about stitching with your own two hands, and no matter how technology advances, freehand embroidery is here to stay!

The Phoenix Bird will help creative people fulfill their desires and achieve their goals.


-Threads DMC” New Colors ” Embroidery Floss Pack;
-DMC Gold Embroidery Hand Needles;
-Handmade decorative frame