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Sculpture «Bitcoin Tower»

The «Bitcoin Tower» symbolizes the fortress, inviolability and the desire for absolute freedom! Thus, the tower means the opportunity to rise above the situation, look at it from a height, see it completely, which will allow you to assess all aspects of what is happening and make the right decision. Looking at the situation or something from above, the observed becomes visible in the palm of your hand. The tower embodies the clarity of the eye and the clarity of consciousness, as well as the freedom of choice!

«Bitcoin Tower» is a symbol of promotion and success! The tower stands as a symbol of active promotion to the top, despite the obstacles of the state, banks and other people. This is a symbol of a new thinking of a person, a statement in a new status!

On a wooden stand, I drew different symbols, formulas for financial success! (THE MAGICKAL USES OF RUNES – are an alphabetic script used by the peoples of Northern Europe from the first century C.E. until well into the Middle Ages. In addition to their use as a written alphabet, the runes also were a system of symbols used for magic and divination).

Runes are loaded with power. I also draw them in different places — on my car for safety in travel, on the doorpost of my home for protection, on flower pots to aid in the growth of plants. The list of possibilities is endless.

On a wooden stand I painted the “Flower of Prosperity” rune to attract good luck and financial well-being!

– handmade oak stand;
– 160 pcs. coins «Denarium Bitcoin» (Denarium 1/10 BTC 2015, Denarium 1/100 BTC 2015, Denarium Bitcoin 2015);
– hand-painted.

Size: height – 31 cm.;
width – 9 cm;

Weight: 1,5 kg.

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